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Studies have found that indoor air pollution can be up to 10 times higher then outside air. Now given the fact that we spend 90% of our time indoors, wouldn't you want to breathe cleaner air? Selecting a good contractor is very important. A poor duct cleaning can actually make your system worse then before it was cleaned.

How do I know if I need my air ducts cleaned?

Airborne professionals always perform an inspection to determine the overall condition of the ducts, and the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) components prior to cleaning. All Airborne technicians take photographs of the system before and after cleaning to verify cleanliness. But remember, the process always starts with an inspection. If the system isn't dirty then we won't clean it.

My son suffers from allergies and asthma. Will air duct cleaning help him?

Having your air ducts cleaned is just one part of total indoor air quality. Mold spores, pollen and micro particles of insects are big triggers for allergy and asthma sufferers, and become imbedded all over the duct system. Removing these contaminants can certainly help alleviate some of the symptoms allergy and asthma sufferers may experience, but air duct cleaning isn't a cure all. Beware of air duct cleaning contractors that make health claims about their services. If you or your child suffers from allergies or asthma call an Airborne professional today. We'd be happy to help you breathe easier.

How do you do it?

Airborne Indoor Environmental Services uses the most advanced equipment in the industry. We start by connecting very powerful HEPA filtered collection equipment to your duct system, placing the duct system under a negative pressure, or vacuum. Mechanical brushing systems and high powered compressed air whips are then run through the duct system to dislodge the debris. As the contaminants are dislodged, they are pulled into the HEPA filtered collection unit, filtering it, and exhausting clean air back into your home. After the duct system has been thoroughly cleaned, the HVAC system components are cleaned insuring that the entire system meets with industry cleanliness standards. It may sound like a routine process, but is actually quit detailed. An average sized home can take anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on its size. So beware of the contractor that says it only takes a few hours.

Can you clean commercial buildings as well?

Airborne Indoor Environmental Services is also a leader in commercial cleaning. Our staff has cleaned large scale commercial buildings in over 40 states and 4 countries, from fire and water damage to relief work after hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Gustave. Whatever your indoor air quality concerns are, call the Airborne professionals today.

Do I need to clean my dryer vents?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that between the years 2003-2006, there were 15,350 non-confined home structure fires per year reported to U.S. fire departments where clothes dryers or washing machines were the equipment involved in ignition, with associated annual losses of 16 civilian deaths, 433 civilian injuries, and $201 million in direct property damage. Dryers alone accounted for 92% of these fires and all of the reported deaths.

The answer is yes. Not only can cleaning your dryer vent help prevent a fire, but it allows the dryer to dry your clothes faster, thereby reducing energy. Our technicians will inspect your dryer vent while we are there cleaning you air ducts, and can make recommendations on how to improve your system.

  • Air duct system inspections (Residential)
  • Air filtration systems
  • Bathroom exhaust cleaning
  • Dryer vent piping
  • Dryer vent dampers
  • HVAC system deodorizing and sanitizing
  • HVAC system evaluations (Commercial)
  • Ask your Airborne professionals about the other services we offer
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